How to convert html content to amp html content

What is a Google Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)?

An Accelerated Mobile Page (or AMP ) is a project to make really fast mobile pages designed by Google and Twitter . It's basically a stripped-down form of HTML,

  • a diet HTML.
  • super lightweight and critically designs really fast loading

 It’s like taking a page that’s already mobile friendly and making it load quicker, by stripping it down to basics.

Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

i).   Insanely fast-loading web pages that users love

ii).   Increased mobile browser visibility for content marketers

iii).  Improved mobile search engine rankings

iv).  Flexible ad support

v).   User tracking made simple

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Tranform your html content to amp html content Just simple steps to convert your html content to amp html content view more..

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